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April 2016

What to Pack

What to Pack: Healthy Snacks

Today my friend Janelle is here to share her favorite healthy travel snacks with us. She is a registered dietician, cancer survivor, mom of two young kids, and best of all she is the founder of an awesome meal planning business, My Real Meal Plans. Spring…

April 27, 2016
SoCal Local

Date Night in Old Pasadena

We love Old Pasadena. It’s the perfect semi-urban downtown. The combination of historic architecture, bustling nightlife, and the revolving scene of restaurants and shops makes it fun to explore. It’s flanked by historic City Hall on one end, which you’ll recognize from Parks &…

April 26, 2016
SoCal Local

Best Drive-Up Camping Near LA

In spite of its population of almost 20 million people, Los Angeles offers some great camping within a short drive. As a scoutmaster in the area, I’ve camped dozens of nights within 50 miles of downtown and I’m proud to declare Los Angeles as…

April 22, 2016
What to Pack

What to Pack: Carry-on Kids Toys

Over the past five years of flying with my kids, I’ve learned from one disaster to another the importance of making the trip not only manageable for my kids, but also enjoyable. The whole day is hard on everyone, and thoughtfully preparing is a…

April 20, 2016

Tips for Your First Trip to Disney World

We just returned from our first trip to Disney World with two kids, and it was perfectly magical. But, when I told my friends that we were going to Disney World they told me I was way behind. I was shocked and had no…

April 19, 2016