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January 2016


Summer Day Trip to Mt. Hood

Looking for an easy day trip that would break up the routine, we chose Mt. Hood. It had been years since I visited and I’ve never been in the summer. Our first stop was obviously Joe’s Donuts in Sandy, Oregon. I am a lover of donuts. You…

January 28, 2016
What to Pack

What to Pack: Pennsylvania Fall

Hi, I’m Britney and I like to take over the ‘What to Pack’ column every now and again to pull together some great outfits to take on our adventures. To kick things off, we’re looking back at what I packed for my trip to the quintessential…

January 27, 2016

The Great Northwest

Back in August we spent two weeks visiting family in Vancouver, Washington. To say I was ready to leave the hot LA pavement for the tranquility of the Pacific Northwest forests was an understatement. Summer is the big payoff in the Pacific Northwest for the other…

January 25, 2016